Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mine is bigger

Met a girl today. Totally helpless and hopeless about life. She seemed to have lost all the meaning to her life. She is alive on anti-depressants, and can any time cut her nerves. Looked visibly tensed. On the verge of crying on every little trigger, smiling only when absolutely necessary, and is absolutely sure of the fact that her worries are the biggest than all. I tried to console her saying that all of us have our share of worries and struggles in life, but after every instance that I tried to put, she used to say that mine is bigger.

Why is it that we always feel that we have the most troubles to face, the saddest life to live and are the most unlucky ones? My mother always says that in grief we should see the people who are in worse conditions than us and in extreme happiness the ones who have achieved more than us. This way we can live a balanced life.

Okay, coming back to Simran, the girl I met today, the reason for her wanting to end her life is a break-off from her boy-friend. Sigh, this is the 21st century and woman can still be in such a pitiable condition! She got herself too emotionally involved with the guy, somebody who later on turned out to be crooked. The reason, I feel, for landing up to this state is that a woman generally tends to give up everything for the person she loves, to some extent she even forgets about herself and He becomes everything for her, she looses her individuality. And then when the guy merrily ditches her, she cries, cribs about him being unfaithful, and takes this extreme decision to end her life. I don't say that only women attach themselves so much but then the recovery ratio is better in the case of men.

Why do we forget about our own self while in love? I know true love means two bodies and one soul, but doesn't it mean that both of you have equal respect for that soul? If I see that the person I love does not have any respect for that soul, I will try and part ways from him thinking that he never deserved to share my soul. I love my soul and anyone who will share it has to prove himself in every way to stake a rightful demand on it.

So people it's not a crime to fall in love with somebody but it is the biggest crime to think of ending your life for love. There are others who love you, and don't forget that its his unfortune that he never realised your true love and made a joke of it and not your fault that you loved him with a pure and honest heart.

And given however deep the roots of understanding may be...never loose your identity, your individuality.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The story of Kajri

Born in a family of three sons and four daughters Kajri was the fifth child. Tall, fair, slim, a bomb-shell of her times. The guys in her school used to die on her walk, on her long black tresses and on her mesmerising smile. She was too smart and forward for her age but not outgoing. Hailing from a very well-to-do family she was able to update herself with what was latest in the fashion front. From bel-bottoms to corduroy pants to smart kurtis to sarees she used to look awesome in whatever she wore. She was the princess.

Kajri, amongst all the siblings, used to speak the least. So Kajri's mother used to be very worried about her as to how she is going to manage the challenges that a woman has to face in her life. She had a world of her own, her share of dreams, her own fantasies and nobody was privileged enough to know them. Her silence wanted to say something all the time. Deep thoughtful eyes with thick layer of kohl and shaped in eyelashes. She never seemed to be conscious about her beauty though. It was immaterial for her. She wanted to look good only in her world and used to bother about the comments that her fictitious characters used to make on her. A damn to all the compliments that other girls would normally die for.

She used to have fun playing with her sisters and brothers though. Family was something she can die for. A disciplinarian father and a caring mother, she was blessed with everything. She cherished her childhood. But her silence was not without any reason..she was the most intuitive amongst all. Kajri lost the purpose of her life, her mother, when was in her 3rd standard. Soon there was a vacuum in her, a void to be filled. But who? Nobody at that early age could provide any solace to her. She withdrew herself more in her world. And then when she had just started to recover she lost her father when in 9th standard. Life lost all its impotance to her.

She did not die. Optimism and sense of self- belief kept her alive. I will have my better days is what she kept on telling herself. There will be somebody who will hug me tightly and not let me fall off in pieces. She started living again. A phoenix born from the ashes I suppose.

And then she attained her puberty and off to be married soon...she had decided not to compromise on this, come what may. She only nodded a yes when she found the guy who was straight out of her Utopian world. She happily got married to her Man and was blessed with a little Kajri soon.

Moral of the story: Just stick on. Things will take time to happen but then surely someday they will fall into place. Life cannot be struggle-free but what really important is how we react to them. This story is not to make you feel bad, rather it is to tell you to be thankful for whatever you have in your life. Count your blessings!!

A new fish in the pond

Hey so here I come with a bang!!! A blog devoted to all those people who believe in costantly changing in life and moving forward with no prejudices attached. Aah difficult, i know, all of us tend to attach ourselves with the environment we are in, with the people we stay with, with the things we use always... but then that is the essence of life . How you come out of these attachments and move ahead in life totally fresh. "anasakt aur madmast" was how Kabir used to be described.

Its equally important in life to not accept everything prima facie, questioning the prudence of things is what I have always learnt doing. So you can expect all the unusual stuff in this blog-- facts mixed with philosophy, sometimes convincing, othertimes totally illusionary, just straight from intuitions!!