Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ten things that make me go ummm...

There are two things that I simply love doing- sleeping and eating. Though I don't look as if I fancy both these things as they leave a clear impression physically if loved! I defy love for sleep as my friends say that I got 'bedroom eyes' (which I guess means droopy eyes signifying sleeplessness) and I defy love for food as I am tall and fairly slim (got cheek muscles like Malaika Arora that accumulate into lumps under your eye while smiling). So may be I should put it that though I love sleeping and eating good food but I don't get to do them quite often. Still let me compile what I look forward to hog whenever I get a chance...

1: An unlimited purely vegetarian thaali at Food Unlimited at the outer circle of Connaught Place (CP).

2: Chacha de hatti ke chhole bhature, almost at the entrance of Kamla Nagar (K- Nags), the nearest hang-out place for the University of Delhi (DU) North campus crowd.

3: Rawa Dosa at Dwarka, in the bada gol-chakkar of K-Nags.

4: Chinese, especially momos, at Momo's Point, K-Nags.

5: Bhel-puri from the thela- wala outside my college, St. Stephen's, DU.

6: Papdi- chaat and aalu- chaat from any place recommended by my friend at Chandni Chowk (CC).

7: Mishti Doi from the Mother Diary outlet at Chhatra Marg, DU (reminds me of home actually).

8: Blue-berry mousse and chocolate tart from Wengers at the inner circle of CP.

9: Mc Donalds Soft Serve Ice-cream.

10: Baskin and Robbins Butter Scotch Ice-cream.

Can think of only these right now. Now guess what?? I am going out to treat myself with atleast any one from the list. Ummmm.....


Ashish Gupta said...

holy shit :O

I now have plans for 2morow evening >:)

Niedhie said...

Hey Ashish,

Sorry for replying so late...projects u see.

So must have had a great evening??

Ashish Gupta said...

yeahhh >:) *evil grin*

racked up a bill of few hundred bucks in culinary indulgences :O

was thinking of sending you the bills for reimbursements :P
wat a cheapo I am :D *stupid grin*

Niedhie said...

Well, I don't mind paying as long as it is a cheque by me.

(that is surely gonna bounce back, *shhshhh...*)


shravan said...

Nice list!
I should try out a coupla these places!

Shivangi said...

Mallaika Arora??? Heh! Is this the same room mate I used to stay with 3 years ago?

Niedhie said...

@Shravan: Thanks for writing in. Do go and check out "Food Unlimited" at CP, it has lots to tickle your MBA brain!

@Shivangi: 3 YEARS...long time buddy!!!