Monday, July 24, 2006

An innocuous though avoided blink

She gets up anxious suddenly by something, something makes her restless, she is no more able to concentrate, she has been studying since morning and is no more able to hang on. It's five in the evening and the weather outside is just too romantic, cool breeze just makes her feel so restless . She gets up from her chair unable to concentrate anymore. She does not want to decieve her studies and think about something else. She gets up totally unknown about what is she going to do now. With her mind thinking so many options she finally makes it to her cupboard, tries many clothes, unable to decide what to wear, she finally opts for the well-starched kurta and to make the selection easy she decides upon her favourite jeans. She admires herself for a while in the mirror, she does that quite often, that unknowingly is reassuring for her of everything being fine. She puts an evenly distributed kayer of kohl on her eyes, and touches a dash of gel on her lips, and makes a few sturdy- quick strokes of comb across her hair. Wearing her most prized possesion of a pair of Kohlapuri jootis she sets out of her room totally oblivious as to where she is heading to. She will decide that later on.

She stops at the juice corner for a mango shake, and then gets her favourite cup of mishti doi from the Mother Dairy outlet. She loves walking alone on such cool evenings. Completely decked up she is stared at by the onlookers but she is totally lost in her world, something that is keeping her away from the outside world. She is busy pumping out the dahi from the cup with the little spoon she had to negotiate for. She walks and walks, aimlessly for quite a while now. Feeling tired after wandering for a while she decides to sit on the bench at the park. She stares into the oblivion.

She sits there paying no heed to the numerous children running across on the park, or the loafers trying to make noises to distract her attention towards them. She is unintimidated. She keeps staring and flashes of the lovely moments of her life fill her. She recalls how he had brought for her her favourite pastries on the new year eve, and how he was so excited to tell her that a girl in his class told her that he is the most handsome hunk around, how he used to laugh at her for her not being able to decide the push or pull of a restaurant gate, or how he would wonder on her using her eyes for most of the talking, or how he would get worried for her if she just said that she is out in the rain without any protection. She remembered all the lovely moments that she spent thinking about him, how she would blush even at the mention of his name by her friends and how she would do anything to take his worries away from him, how she would make gestures through her eyes to make him understand her love for him which he failed to understand most of the time, and how she would willingly make push-pull mistakes to have a hearty laugh with him!

She does not want to blink as she knows that a blink will bring him close to her, a blink will want her to be with him and a blink will remind her of the moments that she had dreamt she would like to spend with him.

She keeps staring into the oblivion, unreachable by the mortal world...

Friday, July 14, 2006


Another birthday, another year gone by, another interesting year to come up, another set of resolution making, another kick to the pocket, another day of getting to talk to long lost friends, another opportunity to aspire for a better life, another time to introspect my past, another chance to get to know my admirers, another opportuinity to feel great about the wishes I accumulate and another day to just feel cheerful.

I am on a high :-)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Smile please :)

Most of us think that smile brings happiness but it's actually true the other way as well, i.e if you are sad and you still smile, you become happy.

Errr... Sushant rightly pointed out that the above should rather mean "happiness brings smile but if you are unhappy and you still manage to smile then you become happy" :)
Smiling indicates good mood and it has proven to lower heart rate.

Researches have proved that if your facial expressions depict happiness then however angry or low you might be at that moment still you tend to be happy and forget your anger or sorrow.
So just keep smiling no matter what!
For all those who have forgotten to smile I found out the way to smile through a web search:
Here's how.

1: A smile begins with the eyes. Notice a twinkle, a feeling of amusement in your eyes.
2: Notice how they move naturally as it becomes a smile with the eyes.
3: You should resist smiling with your mouth. It will only grimace, so keep it fixed.
4: When you smile with your eyes, it will spread and your mouth will move naturally and easily into a genuine smile. Let the smile with your mouth come naturally when it is ready.
5: Beam with your eyes, and keep the rest of your face motionless until it breaks into a warm, friendly smile!
Practice in the mirror. See for yourself how this technique always works and makes you much more acceptable to others. Become a magnet of beauty! Smile with your eyes!
Now few other benefits may be listed as under:
1: A smiling face always finds quick takers, so that just goes to prove that you might get marrried earlier than the rest!!
2: People who smile more are optimistic in life and hence they have a strong immune sysytem and are able to fight illnes in a better way than the pessimists.
3: A research found out that peope who smile more tend to live longer than whose who have a frowning face all the time.

And there are many more, just a google search and you find lots of benefits to smiling.

But the best point is that there is no tax on smiling. You buy happiness and joy for yourself and for others abslolutely free.
And as per Kabir 'kal kare so aj kar, aj kare so abhi', so do not hesitate,
Go ahead and Smile :) :) :)