Friday, July 14, 2006


Another birthday, another year gone by, another interesting year to come up, another set of resolution making, another kick to the pocket, another day of getting to talk to long lost friends, another opportunity to aspire for a better life, another time to introspect my past, another chance to get to know my admirers, another opportuinity to feel great about the wishes I accumulate and another day to just feel cheerful.

I am on a high :-)


Anonymous said...


Warmest of wishes and best of both the worlds for you....May u shine like a and forever.

Lotsa Luv

Niedhie said...

Hey buddy!!!

It's really great to get your warm wishes! Thanks so much!

Love you.

Anand said...

Hey reached ur blog thru ashish....wishing u a belated bday!

Ashish Gupta said...


nothing here

Niedhie said...

@Anand: Thanks so much for your wishes!

@Ashish: There is something here, read it on!

shravan said...

Late but still optimistic..

Happy birthday!

Niedhie said...

Thanks Shravan anyways for your wishes!!!