Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Season's greetings

Here's wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year...

May this new year bring in happiness and prosperity in your life...

May this year be an year of accomplishment and fulfillment for you...

May you get love and lots of love this year...

May you find a meaning in life and your search for the unknown ends...

May you find joy in every breath you take and feel thankful for your existence...

Have a glorious new year!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Join PETA! Turn vegetarian :-)

The most recent and the most satisfactory thing that I have done is to Join PETA. I share my house with a Nigerian, a Russian and a Mexican and all of them "eat just anything". I am the only vegetarian in the house and I always astonish my house-mates by still "surviving". I have a Greek friend and the day I told him I don't eat anything that is to do with flesh, he said either I am taking him for a ride or I have lost senses to be saying so. Another friend said that I am surely short of proteins and I must be too prone to falling sick due to low immune system. Huh! How ignorant they are, they don't know that I get all the required proteins in my vegetarian diet, I get all the vitamins for strong immunity through milk and citrus fruits and I feel healthy and fit.

I have grown up in a neighborhood which would celebrate every little function from a baby's birthday to a marriage reception by butchering tens of chickens or couple of goats at least. I never really consciously thought of campaigning against the merciless killing of these innocent animals for the culinary pleasure of mean human beings. But now I want to make a conscious effort in spreading awareness about the benefits of turning vegetarian and letting the animals live life the way they choose it to be unlike us forcing death on them.

I have joined PETA as my first step towards this direction. Now I look forward to do more towards this goal. Join PETA. Animals have as much right to live life as you and I have.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

'Salaam' Life!

I have not been writing since a long time. Had been a little busy with resettling my house, packaging and shifting to a new platform. The last month had been a month of test of endurance, spirit and courage. Above all the last month had been a test of my emotional strength. I have not failed miserably, but I have not passed as well. Life is a game, a zero-sum game, in which to get something you have to lose something. I have chosen to travel an unknown road.

I worked for an NGO called Salaam Baalak Trust for almost four months. This NGO shetlers, rehabilitates and educates street children. It was sheer desire to do something like this that I landed up there and decided to lend my services as a volunteer. I played with them, laughed with them, told them cooked up mathematical stories to make the subject interesting to them, discussed with them the Human anatomy (with all the little I know about human biology), counselled them for a career ahead and most importantly inspired them to dream.

Salaam Baalak is a great place to volunteer and thereby contribute our bit to the society. The staff is so motivated that it always left me wondering as to what it is that drives them so much. They work selflessly towards the betterment of the lives of the children who left their homes, or had to run away due to some reasons and were spending their lives on the streets. I was specially fascinated towards Nawab, Tabrej, Sharafat and Satinder- the four children whom I used to teach Mathematics. I miss them sometimes, as what they taught me possibly nobody could have ever taught me. They taught me to be positive towards life, no matter what I am going through. I know all of us must have heard this a numerous times before this, and there is nothing awe-inspiring about it, but trust me, just follow it once in your lives. When you feel that things have gone utterly wrong and undesirable, be positive at that point, and see how things would strangely change thereafter. It works. Your life is governed by your mind. So it's important to think healthy.

Lets all make this world a great place to stay in, a place where all of us radiate positive energies, speak soft words and wish good for each other. Let's all kill the devils in ourselves. Let's pray that no child is ever made to live on the streets. Let's pray and work towards making this world a great place to live in for every life that is born. Let's all welcome life and say 'Salaam' to it with a radiance we never saw before.

Friday, August 31, 2007

An awakening

I have been following the US market crashdown. A close friend of mine informed me a few days back that her brother is now jobless due to this crashdown in the American market. He was working for an American MNC in India. This perturbed me and left me thinking. Yesterday, I found a friend of mine Umang who is working in Wipro, Bangalore online. I could not stop myself from having this conversation with him. I am copy-pasting the conversation in almost the same form.

Me: This subprime mortage market crash in US has made so many jobless in India. Global economy you see...
He: Yeah. We are always US dependent. You know dollar value has come down sharply. This has created a huge impact on all the company profiles.

Me: Yeah the dollar has depreciated....infact that makes me feel good, that rupee is appreciating.
He: Rupee will rise because our economy is improving, but again IT indutry is so much dependent on US that it will affect the profit and billing rate of the IT companies here.

Me: Yeah I know... but thats what is strange to me, all the IT experts in the big US companies are Indians but still we do not have anything like Microsoft or Apple. Why we Indians don't have the global entrepreneurship skills in us is what amazes me!

He: A very good question...let me clarify this, first thing is that all the Indian companies are service based companies. There is no Indian company which has their own product and market globally. We only provide service to the client.
Me: Yeah, that is my point! Why not have a product based company something like say owning Wipro operating system. If we can build products for somebody else then why not for ourselves?
He: See in India we do have manpower but not that efficient and skilled one to go to that extent. And most of the work here is either related to support or testing.
Me: Oh comm'on, I don't agree that we don't have skilled manpower. We have the largest chunk of intelligentia.

He: Yes we have, but not in masses.
Me: I think the only thing where we lag behind is the dare devil thought process. We have colonialism so much in our mindsets that we don't believe that we can rule the world. We somehow like it being ruled by others. We somehow have just accepted that all that we are best at is to provide service to others and not make others provide service to us. Do you understand my point?
He: Ya very much!
Me: And see regarding skill sets, nothing comes without training.

He: Yeah you have raised a very valid question.
Me: If we train our youths with this notion, we would have a huge chunk of entrepreneurs. Tell me how many IIM graduates take on to opening their own ventures? They all get into working for some big MNC thereby adding to their knowledge pool. India gets nothing from them. How great it would have been had they rather gathered to form a product based company of their own taking services from some US companies. The idea itself is so enticing to me.

He: Ya! Then again it requires courage and risk which no Indian company is willing to take at this moment.
Me: Thats the point precisely. We lack courage and risk taking abilties. We always try to play safe.
He: Ya!
Me: And that is not gonna lead us anywhere. No risks, no rewards!! Very soon the India Inc. should realise that it's time to take on the world, we should not have this mindset of serving the world all the time. LET US NOW RULE!!
He: Hmmm...right! Oh you have put down some very good points. But then that's how Indian companies are operating, asking work from the US and then getting billed for the work done.
Me: Things have to change, and for a change at the bigger platform it's important that each one of us start thinking differently. Grassroot level change has to be there.
He: Ya!
Me: If one Umang and one Nidhi thinks differently today, someday some Premji would get to hear it.

He: Ya that's true!

Me: Or why not that this Nidhi or this Umang themselves turn this dream to be a reality without any Premji's help. We must have the courage to dream big!

He: Ya but then most of us are scared and afraid. And let me tell you one thing which you have to appreciate, that today because of IT only lots of people are getting employment opportunities which was tough 12 years back.

Me: But does that help, are we making our lives any better by being scared of taking risks. Yes I appreciate your point, but how does that kill my point? Even if we turn into a product based market we still generate employment.

He: And our standard of living and percapita income has increased.
Me: Let's not bask in the glory of what little we have achieved... let us decide not to pat ourselves till our ultimate goal of being world rulers is achieved. Let the youth not take this as a victory, let this just be a political agenda for the politicians to take advantage before elections.
He: Hmmmm! You are right. I appreciate the way you think.

Me: I want that even if we oursleves may not be in a position to do something towards this end, but then speaking about these issues would help us propagate this to our countrymen in some way or the other, thereby making somebody finally to work towards this. Though I would personally very much love to do myself something about it. I feel stuck up in life at present, but surely would love to have a company of my own some day catering to an international client base.

He: Hmmm! Great, I appreciate that!

Me: Thanks!

Though probably I won't be able to materialize all that I said in this conversation, but it left me surprised to see that I have started thinking this way and I feel happy about it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Just a few minutes back the thought that not updating my blog is such a let down for my friends who make it a point to keep themselves connected with me by knowing about the happenings of my life through my posts, occurred to me. And in no time do I find myself writing this. After my last post on the sorry state of research I received some mails from my close friends saying that all would be fine in no time, research is known for sucking out the juice of sham thereby leaving the residue of concrete knowledge which cannot be faked ever. I have let this sink in me all these days when I was away from blogosphere.

What also brings me back after so long is a chance meeting with a friend's friend Prajakta who had been reading all my posts without my knowledge and admiring my thoughts. She did not feel her ego hammered even an inch to accept that she is my "secret admirer". We three met over lunch and I found out that she is a college going student. I wanted to tell her what all I do, but then found that she knew more than I would have told her over first lunch (thanks to all my posts that she has read religiously and connected to create a picture of my life in her mind). As human beings we all crave for recognition, and to find recognition from unknown people is the best kick one can look for. Thank you, Prajakta!!

Another kick to revert back to writing has been the new book that I have been reading, or let me say imbibing. It's called "Who would cry when you die" by world-renowned motivational speaker Robin Sharma. I have also read his best-seller "The monk who sold his Ferrari". I am the kind of person who does not take time to slip into phases of solitude, and such books help me stay connected. My elder brother gifted the book to me with a note "Your brother, when your brother is not around". I found the book to be full of life and soul and it does not fail in making an impression on me. Catch a copy of it if you can, I am sure all of us have something to borrow from it. Thank you Bhaiya and I love you!!

P.S Decided to change the look of the blog, had got a little bored with the earlier one. I would be happy to know your views on it. You may drop in your comments or mail me.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Research, does it still pull?

I am a research scholar in Mathematics and thought of writing a piece on the decline that research in India is facing. To my sadist pleasure when I went for a google search with words like "declining research in India" I found a list of articles narrating the sorry state of affairs in research. The above sited link specifically talks about the decline in the Mathematics research in India specially in institutes of repute like the IITs, IISc, HRI (Allahabad) and MatSci (Chennai).

Research in India is facing a few basic problems. I would share here the problems I have faced as one of the members of the fraternity and heard my friends experiencing as a researcher.

The first and the most disturbing being the total disrespect to the sancitity that research and researchers command. The society who is naive about research sees a researcher in high esteem but it's the people who are a part of the system who make a researcher look like nothing more than a person whon has lost out on other options in life. I am a Mathematics Olympiad certificate holder, a CBSE merit-cum-scholarship awardee, an NBHM, Department of Atomic Energy Scholarship holder, a CSIR-UGC fellowship holder, but all these laurels seem to be of no particular value when I see the attitude the department and supervisors have towards researchers in general. They make you believe indebted to them for allowing you to do research each and every moment. I have been asked by a well-wisher in the department not to revolt against the system as that is not going to help, rather to get things done feeling subdued and submissive.

I have only one thing to question, despite getting offers of lucrative courses like MBA I listened to my calling and went for research, then why am I made to feel everyday that it was the garvest mistake I committed in life? Why during the peak years of our creativity, youth, energy and rigor we are asked to remain subdued so that our work gets done?

This is not the only problem, during research one grows old enough and is expected to maintain the family. A scholarship of Rs. 8000 per month hardly suffices in today's market. Though there is little hope in this respect as recently the government has got alarmed by the seriousness of the issue and has thereby increased the expenditure on research and so things can be hoped to improve.

But still there remains the problem of the lack of a job security even if a 'subdued' you somehow manages to complete research with that meagre Rs. 10000 per month when you know that had you put even half that amount of labour in some other field you would have been touching the skies.

The only pull factor that research carries now is when people courageously decide to hear their calling and take up research despite being aware of the odds. If this continues and nothing is done urgently, the motivation of listening to one's calling would burn off in no time.

The need of the hour is to give each and every researcher their due respect and every possible help to complete the streneous journey of five years of aimless wandering at the peak of their youths. The need of the hour is a little cooperation and motivation from the stalwarts and the policy-makers of the field. The need of the hour is to realise that research is declining and so it's important to motivate the prospective researchers and provide an inspriring working environment so that they don't go hunting for greener pastures.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Take charge at 23

I would be 23 in a few days, and I don’t feel myself adequate as yet to carry the mantle of that age. I don’t feel I am matured enough to be called a 23 year old girl. I don’t know how to take decisions as yet, decisions here do not mean whether to have a pizza for lunch or a plate of rajma pulao, but they mean the big ones. I have always looked for somebody to counsel me and guide me, to help me take up major decisions. You would instantly say but there nothing wrong in asking for help. There is, if the help is persistent, if in the course of asking help you forget that you have a mind of your own, if you keep relying on other people for help all the time, if you are too impressionable to change decisions on even slightest influences, if you stop taking your own life and situations into consideration and let yourself being framed into the setting of the other person who tries to help you by giving his own examples. So now I am sure you would agree on why I feel myself inadequate.

If I retrospect I see that I have always eaten with the spoon that was brought to my mouth, never really taking my hands out to choose a spoon. Even if after being persistently asked to choose my own spoon I have insisted hard on telling me the pros and cons of each spoon, and then finally taken pride (a sham pride) in choosing my own spoon. So literally and figuratively I have been spoon fed much to the unwillingness of my feeders.

By now I am sure many of you are too convinced that I am absolutely inadequate to be 23, as a 23 year old would never speak like this. And I would not spare myself even a bit by not substantiating the point I started off with.

I have gone to the foolish extent of making chits of the options I have in hand and then taking the decision as the one written on the chit that I have drawn. I have gone to extent of asking God to take decisions for me by trying to find out answers in Ramcharitmanas or the Geeta. I have gone to extent of leaving the decisions to be taken to time. Except for the first one I am sure you would be thinking that sometimes there is no way but to surrender to these methods so what’s wrong in them. But it’s wrong if you ask God for answers without knowing your questions well, ask him to answer from the options you think might be best suited for the distorted question you somehow manage to pose while the answer may be something completely unconsidered by you. And it’s wrong when you ask time to take decisions for you instead of accepting that you have been a failure in deciding on it yourself. Now I think I have convinced you that the methods are wrong when given the circumstances in which they have been assorted to.

Hence I don’t feel I am eligible to share a place amidst people of 23 who have been always proud of taking their own decisions and standing by them even if they turned out to be wrong later on. I don’t feel I have the guts required to do that.

Ahh! Just heard somebody saying, it’s never too late to start. Thank God we have such adages to ease the process of decision making for people like me. Yes I have decided to follow it, totally convinced that if I start now only then I can make myself eligible for the club of 25 two years down the line. So I am going to “take charge at 23”.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am desi... or am I really?

Last night while chatting with an old school friend I ran into the risk of a debate with him. It has left me thoughtful and so I thought of sharing it with all.

Just while something was going on I begged to differ with him saying I am a little 'desi' kinds. It was enough to infuriate him. The conversation that took place between us goes as below:

He: Don't be a snob. You and desi? Huh!

Me: Why do you say so? I am desi and am proud to claim myself a desi. What do you percieve when I say I am desi?

He: I think we're gonna have a rough time ahead...b'coz i'll blurt's no harm in being that, but are we really that? Tell me what brand of jeans do u prefer? I'm sure it must be Levi's and not New port!

Me: I am as comfortable in my Lee Cooper as I am in that 100 Rupee kurta I bought from the street side. No dear I think you have got me all wrong all these while. I am very comfortable with those street children I work with in the NGO. I don't sport my expensive gogs or my Tissot watch when I go there.

He: That's ok.. I don't doubt ur intentions... I'm not finished..

Me: Please go ahead...

He: But ma'am we prefer Mc' Donalds over some road side tea stall...

Me: No not...again i crave for the bhelpuris on the road side as much as I crave for pizza hut, I am not brand specific frankly... no exxageration.

He: I knew it but just rechecked that that Lee cooper is from UK...

Me: Desi does not mean that I wont wear western clothes... It means not wearing only western clothes.

He: i somehow don't buy that...u may b an exception--then this is uncalled for..

Me: No it's not being exceptional, i find most of the people in my company like that who dont have preset notions about things. I told you earlier also that I come from a very small place and I have not forgotten my roots, I enjoy the chaat papri in a shady chandni chowk shop as much as I enjoy blue- berry mousse in Wengers... It's all about the way one looks at things...

He: People will go for Himesh monkey's show, but when it comes to an Indian rock band, they'll say it's evil western...

Me: That is a justified grudge... I don't endorse that. Thats being against westernisation... and I am not so. I want to flaunt my indianness with pride.

He: See boss, let me be straight, my experience is that most of the people (THAT INCLUDES ME AS WELL) have been so much adapted to the western influences that I hardly find a sense in that word

Me: Indianness is about attitude, it's the outlook.

He: Lemme ask u , what is ur idea of a perfect career these days--- answer honestly...

Me: I will be honest... Its like working somewhere which pays well and gives enough time to pursue something that gives meaning to your life

He: That brings u a multinational, right? You're a mathematician--why don't plan to join ISRO and contribute to a space mission?

Me: I dont mind multinationals, but there are big Indian companies also these days doing well like the Tatas, Ambanis, Mallyas etc. And when did i say indianness means being against globalisation?

He: I have seen u're a fan of L.N. Mittal? But does Mittal pay even the income tax to the govt of India?

Me: I know I am...I like the guts of the man it's not because he is a UK citizen but its because he is a gutsy person. He is paying the taxes for the revenues he is collecting from India and why should he pay otherwise as he is not using the Indian infrastructure...

He: Yeah yeah... He won't have it cheaper anywhere else...

Me: See my dear, there are always two sets of people, one who wants to make profit and one who wants to serve and the society has the resilience to accomodate both the sets.

He: This poor country, our Govt spends approx 10 lakhs to make me an engineer, nd I'm going to serve the american corporate... our greatest desi actor is a farmer, our desi netas are involved in trafficing ??

Me: I just said that there are both sets of people, if you serve for an American company, there are people who serve for DRDO and ISRO as well.

He: Sadly not dear... And I dont mind L.N.Mittal making profits and all, but why do we Indians ( I'm afraid to call me one) always die over him? What has he done for this country?

Me: What has Kalpana Chawla done for the country or Sunita Williams or Salman Rushdie or Swaraj Paul or I can name many done for this country? Virtually nothing you may safely say... But still they have done lots, they have shown the world that Indian people can do wonders if given the right opportunities.

He: I beg to differ...

Me: There is something called Brand India... They have endorsed the idea...

He: Hahaha, I don't believe you trust all this. What's Brand India? We don't stand anywhere in the world except for, may be, the largest market of the western world... they overproduce and we buy... and thank ourselves for the god-sent worn out wrangler that lights up our closets... conveniently forgetting that we've payed the same as any American would have paid in Dollars. Ma'am the wicket is too sticky here...

Me: See I am not one of those kinds who dont see hopes in things and hence stop working towards betterment... I never said India is the best country to live in... But everybody's house is in a mess, we ourselves need to set it right, we need to take charge now. We keep saying the system is rotten and stuff than doing anything ourselves... i was on the auto the other day and the auto relentlessly went on saying about the decline the country was seeing... i kept hearing him for long and then asked a simple question.. how many kids do you have? He made a sorry face... said three... I told him see, what did you do to end the woes of country? You added to the problems the country is facing and cribbing about the sorry state of affiars and blaming the govt... Further asked him if he earns enough to educate his children and he drove the rest of the journey in silence. So my point is that when we ourselves are not doing anything for the betterment of the ocuntry who gives us the authority to criticize it...

He: Yeah why shud he? Or for that matter we instead let us bask in the glory-- the eternal feel good factor...

Me: Ha ha ha... Dont be sarcastic, I dint mean that.... I dont say that you go around carrying the sense that everything is alright... Everthing is not alright I know that well, but it also does not mean that while chatting we only see at the gloomy side of things... I am an eternal optimist...phew!

He: I'm a branded pessimist...

Me: So probably thats the reason we fought so much over it, the half filled glass...

He: Hahaha... It's the emptiness...

Me: No my dear, it's the filled part.

And thats how our conversation ended. Readers are welcome to share their side of the debate.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Art, the new picture

I have been going to an Art school since the age of six years. It used to be every Sunday that my drawing teacher used to come to our house until my younger brother grew old enough so that we could go together to the Art school. We have grown up with only Doordarshan at home, so Sunday evenings used to be really special as there used to be a movie telecast on the channel out of the meager two movies per week. We both used to hate the intersection and so most of the time either he used to have a stomach pain or me, and if one does not go how can the other, that was a deal. But in spite of all the love for the Sunday movie we also used to love drawing, but only our way. As I grew I realized that painting is the most wonderful form of art as it is very powerful. I realized how we can convey so much by just drawing a few meaningful lines. I started realizing its beauty and gradually became more inclined towards attending regular classes. My younger brother still would have his stomach pain, but I would be off with my pastels and water colors to draw my world colorful. I used to find it initially a little painful to see my teacher’s extra concern for the measurements to be correct always. He was very specific that body parts were very carefully drawn and ample care should be taken that the legs, hands and the body were all in the proper ratio unless I was drawing a rickety child or a deformed man! He was also very particular about the eyes drawn well and should convey what I wanted the portrait to convey. Whenever I used to make a mistake in these things, with a sheepish grin I used to plea saying “Modern art, Sir.” He would take my canvas and within minutes make an exotic beautiful lady or an old farmer or a muscular blacksmith full of life and vigor. He would make his final comment “It’s very important in Art to observe carefully, perception is very important.” I stopped going to formal art school at the age of 16. Now I would be 23 soon and I still draw portraits and what I have carried along with me all these years are observant eyes and a clear perspective about things.

Undoubtedly art is about conveying what you feel, but then I wonder if my teacher was just mad to put so much of stress on accuracy as well. Does not a figure with hands, legs and face of a proper dimension convey anything? Or is it that the moment you deform them you can convey more? There seems to be an obsession for nudity in art. It used to be only women who earlier used to face this brunt, but now even Gods and Goddesses are not spared. And why not, don’t all our temples and architectural sites all have nude deities dancing or in different inviting postures. But a little disturbing it gets when nudity is accompanied with obscenity. I have been twice to very famous art exhibitions, once with my father and once with a male-friend and in both the times we decided to see the exhibition separately as walking together down the galleries was really embarrassing. Women body was deformed to the extent of vulgarity on the pretext of conveying a meaning. Yes we all are free individuals with our right to say and paint whatever way we feel like, but then are we not members of a civilized society that should be guided be a little of responsibility also? You may argue that I should not have visited those places when I knew such paintings would be on display, I would say why should not I? I have a lot of respect for this modern art form but I only don’t like when too much of liberty is taken and sentiments get hurt.

Art to me is not to hurt, but only to convey a meaning which you may not agree with but would still like to respect.

Recently I got an email showing all the paintings of M. F. Hussain which roused so much of protest. As an art lover I totally denounce such actions which cringe in the liberty of the artist. But on the flip side of it, the paintings definitely play with the religious sentiments of a few sects. I know it is the age of tolerance and it is stupid that we fight over meaningless issues instead of working towards creating a developed country, but then isn’t religion only about faith and nothing else, so if our faith is tampered with should we not make a little noise? Yes the way is wrong; I have the right to express my disagreement but keeping in mind the norms of a civilized society. So the bottom-line is that the means to be followed should be democratic and not outrageous. As Meera Devidayal, an artist in Mumbai (Frontline, June 1, 2007) puts it, “Art is sometimes created to provoke, to stimulate debate and for people to interpret in different ways. Most artists would not mind people objecting to their work, but it should be done in the right manner. There are peaceful platforms for debate and those could be used.” Period!

Disclaimer: The views are completely personal and do not intend to hurt anybody. Any peaceful debate is welcome.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Women's day

In this post I want to share what I have heard or over-heard during a casual walk on the road, or a chat with friends around Women's day.

"Hi! How have you been? Happy women's day!", one of the guys of my class wishing a girl.

"Yeh dekh na kaisa lag raha hai, ya phir yeh", two girls talking at a roadside ear-rings and sundry seller.

"Bhaiya thoda to kam karo, itni mehanga kyun de rahe ho", an aunty telling the vegetable vendor.

"Yaar yeh maal to dekh, kya cheez hai",a loafer guy on the roadside leching at a decent scared girl waiting at the bus stop.

"Pa, got a job, joining as soon I complete this semester", a friend of mine on phone to her father.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just like that

One thing that one must not stop doing is writing! If you have a flair for writing and you stop writing either due to lack of time or of lack of matter, you keep feeling restless till a piece is written down. I had not been writing due to both the reasons, have opened up this page several times before, jotted down a few lines and then lost patience to carry on with the thought process. So today thought to defeat my restlessness and impatience by just writing down anything.

I have been regularly watching the new KBC since it's inception, though my parents do say that they used to like Bachchan doing it more than the flambouyant Khan, still they seem to adore him, as everyday quite a chunk of our discussion over the phone is on Khan. So I tend to believe that they enjoy seeing him. Moreover why won't they, he has been at his witty-best, humble-best, and smiley-best when at the show. Innocence seems to be with him all the time. Today the contestant (a strict lady school teacher from Jind, Haryana) refused to hug Khan when she wanted to quit the show, he was caught speechless for a moment, but his sharp presence of mind made him tell the lady "if you don't mind, can I give the cheque to your mother there as I am sure she would definitely want to hug me", and the crowd burst into a huge applause. I am sure most of us are bowled over by the witty and humourous Khan who has definitely added a new dimension to KBC.

And definitely my parents will keep watching it and keep comparing it with the Bachchan show until one day the old KBC gets faded by the funny memories of the new one!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The kid in me

2007 started. Another year passed by silently, have grown older by an year, childhood seems to be slipping by. I want to stick to my childhood, don't want to grow old, don't want to face the complications that age brings with itself. A friend of mine couriered me a few CD's I had asked for, and to my pleasant surprise I found a few Eclairs in the envelope. This triggered back my childhood memories. I was not keeping well emotionally since a few days so those were to lift me up. The Eclairs reminded me of a childhood experience. When I was a school going kid, every evening when my father used to come back from work, he used to ask me to find out a coin (of any denomination). I used to keep it on his palm and he used to read some magic mantras upon which that coin used to turn into an Eclair. I used to be ecstatic at the magic played by papa and used to wait anxiously everyday for him to play it again. And one day I grew up, I grew up to realise that it was no magic, just a plain haath-ki-safai.

That day I was feeling happy on having grown up and to realise that papa was fooling me all throughout, but now I don't feel happy about it any longer. I wish I could have been a naive not to realise it ever. Papa would bring me chocolates forever and I would eat them with the same excitement everyday.

But probably now my father loves it this way. He would want that I get chocolates for him, it's time for him to enjoy and me to bring joys for him. He can't be the giver always, I too need to understand my responsibilties and take command of my life.

And that's how I have started my new year with- to make myself capable of taking charge of things. However much we may hate, but we need to accept it. And yes if only we don't forget the little girl in us eagerly waiting for a chocolate magic, life will remain joyful as every little thing would be sweet enough to make us happy.

So welcome 2007 with an open mind and don't ever let the kid in you die.