Sunday, November 25, 2007

Join PETA! Turn vegetarian :-)

The most recent and the most satisfactory thing that I have done is to Join PETA. I share my house with a Nigerian, a Russian and a Mexican and all of them "eat just anything". I am the only vegetarian in the house and I always astonish my house-mates by still "surviving". I have a Greek friend and the day I told him I don't eat anything that is to do with flesh, he said either I am taking him for a ride or I have lost senses to be saying so. Another friend said that I am surely short of proteins and I must be too prone to falling sick due to low immune system. Huh! How ignorant they are, they don't know that I get all the required proteins in my vegetarian diet, I get all the vitamins for strong immunity through milk and citrus fruits and I feel healthy and fit.

I have grown up in a neighborhood which would celebrate every little function from a baby's birthday to a marriage reception by butchering tens of chickens or couple of goats at least. I never really consciously thought of campaigning against the merciless killing of these innocent animals for the culinary pleasure of mean human beings. But now I want to make a conscious effort in spreading awareness about the benefits of turning vegetarian and letting the animals live life the way they choose it to be unlike us forcing death on them.

I have joined PETA as my first step towards this direction. Now I look forward to do more towards this goal. Join PETA. Animals have as much right to live life as you and I have.