Friday, May 29, 2009

Gandhi and Elections

I was surprised by the election results – surprised more because this is the first time that I had not been following the day to day update on Indian politics during the run-up to the elections. I had formed opinions and judgements from the quick-bites I got from Indian newspapers during my lunch time (on-the-desk-lunches).

Now on introspection I would like to believe that I am pleasantly surprised. India badly needed a ‘stable government’ more than the need of a ‘good government’ as I do not think any party seemed to have promised good governance. I knew the markets would react more strongly not to the news of which party wins the elections, but to the news of how decisive would the win be. And I am happy that it is a clear and decisive mandate which resulted in strong stock exchange performance.

Everybody seems to be giving credit to this decisive win of Congress in India to Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his campaign. I do not doubt that he has been instrumental in the election campaigning, all I am trying to question is – does he really have the merits or the suffix ‘Gandhi’ in his name gives him an advantage?

I know most of you would go for the answer – both. And guess that is the best answer to this question. You cannot take away the edge he gets for being a Gandhi clan, and at the same time he could get the maximum mileage out of this advantage because he is clever and knows how to exploit it.

I feel happy whenever I see a youth getting into politics, at least somebody is bold enough to dirty their hands and clear up the mess instead of being a spectator who only passes comments on the anomalies. I am glad that they will bring in new ideas on board; they will pave the way to a new India. But a question still lingers in my mind – is it only a bubble of over-enthusiasm that will burst just like the current economic situation, or is it a sustained willingness to make a change and contribute which will see them face challenges with strong heads on their shoulders?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have been thinking about the concept of Panacea, so thought of writing it down. As per wikipedia, Panacea is named after the Greek Goddess of Healing and is used to call medicines which can cure all diseases.

But does something like this actually exist? If I ask for a single solution to solve all my problems, can somebody provide me a Panacea?

Such questions come up sometimes when I am thinking very hard about my life and the direction it is moving in. The questions may seem reasonable or unreasonable, but I still continue to ask them.

I am reading a book called ‘The Zahir’ by Paulo Coelho. Part of the reason for this introspection is driven by this book. It is a book which drives you into soul-searching, asks to you stop for some time and look at life from a distance like a painter. Some personal and professional experiences tell me that I need to stop. I need to sit back and think about my life and the lives I, intentionally or non-intentionally, affect. And I am enjoying the process. I am convinced that at the end of this search lies my elixir for life. I am determined to find my Zahir.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

A quickie

I know I have not been writing since some time, and I apologise that this is not going to be a long one either. The turn of weather in London, from winters to spring has meant that I am spending my free time in appreciating the beauty around and the sunshine which I used to earlier spend on blogging.

Today a friend from college said that she has started learning Guitar. I think Guitar is one of the toughest instruments, guess all string instruments are tough. So on asking how is coping up with it, she replied that she is struggling but feels ecstatic just by the thought of possessing a guitar. I encouraged her to continue and added - 'you have crossed the line of those who do not know to those who try to know and then eventually (hopefully) to those who know'. She felt motivated and good. Thought of sharing this with you.

I have been watching some good movies. Watched Julia Roberts and Clive Owen's Duplicity yesterday - a good and intelligent movie. I also liked the most recent Bollywood sci-fi 'Aa Dekhen Zara' starring Neil Nitin Mukesh - recommended to all those who want to see the sci-fi genre in Bollywood having matured by this movie.

Lots more later!