Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have been thinking about the concept of Panacea, so thought of writing it down. As per wikipedia, Panacea is named after the Greek Goddess of Healing and is used to call medicines which can cure all diseases.

But does something like this actually exist? If I ask for a single solution to solve all my problems, can somebody provide me a Panacea?

Such questions come up sometimes when I am thinking very hard about my life and the direction it is moving in. The questions may seem reasonable or unreasonable, but I still continue to ask them.

I am reading a book called ‘The Zahir’ by Paulo Coelho. Part of the reason for this introspection is driven by this book. It is a book which drives you into soul-searching, asks to you stop for some time and look at life from a distance like a painter. Some personal and professional experiences tell me that I need to stop. I need to sit back and think about my life and the lives I, intentionally or non-intentionally, affect. And I am enjoying the process. I am convinced that at the end of this search lies my elixir for life. I am determined to find my Zahir.


Ashish Gupta said...

Literally speaking Penicillin, Steroids and the likes... Ok, ok.

In life, so many 'Panaceas' are out there, but we rarely cherish them :|

A decent love of/in life, that close friend, nature, pets, daily dose of jog+fresh air, adventure sports, rare booze(!!), vacations with parents(!), computer games(!).... Ok I'll stop here. Guess I am getting into items which are getting many exclamations and raised eyebrows. But you get the drift, right? It all comes down to how badly one needs his/her Panacea.

Oh and the casual frnds--come with no strings attached--we can have our good times and its not an issues if we don't talk for a few months after a few months of frndship!

Niedhie said...

Ashish, so well said. Anything or everything could act as a panacea, we only need to be able to recognise it. Din't know you are so wise :-p

Ashish Gupta said...

I'll say you're welcome ;-)

top that dude!

Anonymous said...

What often happens is that we want to see Panecea the way we percieve it Niedhie, and so miss it when it actually comes to us....keep posting!