Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love Nowadays & Life Partner

For those of you who have a big grin on your faces – sorry but I am not going to write about my take on love or marriage here! I am talking about the two Bollywood movies recently released – ‘Love Aajkal’ and ‘Life Partner’.

I enjoyed watching both the movies because they are those feel good romantic comedies (rom-coms) which Bollywood invariably churns out. Recipe of success I realise is to have no extravaganza, a couple of stars, some nice locations, good script with sensible comic. It’s said that Hindi cinema thrives on fooling the audience with its overdose of emotions – gone are Suraj Barjatiya days. Now Hindi cinema thrives on giving the audience with the right dose of comedy.

After a long day at work, who does not enjoy comedy, especially if comic is milked out of topics traditionally considered sensitive and emotional like love or marriage? And is it not true that there is no point in taking life too seriously, at the end of the day life is as complicated as you make it and as simple as you think it is. There is nothing better than trying to find a little humour in everything if this can lighten my brain which is heavier than the laptop I am currently typing on.

On a separate note, while trying to access an old airline’s miles account, I happened to open my yahoo email after years of seldom-use. Wonder why they still decided to keep me alive there. Lots of emails from various weird networking sites that I had registered during internet’s heydays had filled up my inbox. ‘Forgotten password’ for each of them and then ‘Delete account’. Some of them were – Wayn, Who-remembers-me, Names Database, Tagged, Yaari, Skoost, hi5 and some I can’t even recall while I am typing this post.

As Paulo Cohelo remarks in his book ‘The Zahir’ – ‘It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.’ And definitely days of stupid and senseless use of internet are long over for me...

But why?! Why do we have this tendency of getting serious in life all the time?


Renu said...

OH let me get settled and then I am going to watch all the movies, I am makinbg a list.
you last quote from Paul coelho is beautiful, I will remember that

Ankur Billore said...

Problems and worries are manifestations of expectations of the things which are going to be "Bad". Everyone experiences this.
Yes movies like these will certainly let us move away from these feelings so we feel happy!!!
So watch movies feel happy!!


Niedhie said...

@Renu: Enjoy being back home. The book I have mentioned is very good, read it if you get a chance.

@Ankur: Thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Rightly said, I enjoy those which make me laugh and forget what I otherwise experience.