Sunday, January 31, 2010

YO! Weekends

I hope I will not be charged for copyright infringement by YO! Shushi. The reason I took the name is not because I had a Japanese dinner this weekend, but because I have started getting the YO! feeling for weekends. You know, there used to be a time when I would find it hard to understand why people crave for weekends so much. In fact to an extent, it used to be the other way round where I would feel like HUH! Weekends.

You may want to pop up and conclude that this clearly means a) I used to enjoy my weekdays i.e., work then much more than I do now, or b) I enjoy my weekends now much more than I used to then. No, don't jump guns, it's neither - because I enjoy my work now and I enjoyed my weekends then. Then, what is it??

It's an anticipation. Anticipation of a fun-filled weekend. A weekend that will make me forget who I am or who you are. Somewhere in an unexplored island with nothing. The anticipation of experiencing a complete vacuum or may be an emotional over-fill; of experiencing the extreme. Does it sound vague? If you understand it, please help me understand.

On another topic, I feel a blog post on the financial crisis is long over due. I have been thinking of writing my opinions / take on it, but before that thought of conducting this poll to gauze the level at which I should project the content. Please leave your views.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Am back

The last few months that I have been away have been very eventful with some good and some not-so-good experiences.

Anyways, this blogpost is not going to be about me, it's going to be about you. You as in you who read it, you as in for whom I write it. I know by now, you must have blown away like the wind that keeps tapping at the window hoping that one would open it after getting annoyed by the disturbance, but alas! You must have waited and waited - may be on Diwali - nothing! then may be about London's Christmas celebration - nothing yet again, oh may be on the New Year for sure. Hmmm... nothing again. No posts, no news, no updates... You say - I waited and waited and then I looked away.

But hey, look I am back now. Please don't look away as I am back. I am back with my small posts on what I see, observe, feel and think. I have changed the template of my blog! I have changed the tempo of my blog - now I will talk directly to you in my posts. You and I - first and second person, no third person allowed! What I will not change is that I welcome change. Read On!