Saturday, November 23, 2013

Waiting for a Change to Happen

Today (Saturday) has been a sluggish day... I redesigned a website I had been wanting to since some time... helped my brother with a business Modus Operandi write up (actually intention was to help, but ended up doing the whole thing myself), spent some time contemplating about life... and now waiting for the next change to happen in life.

I have never accepted monotonicity in life. Either by changing jobs or by changing houses I have kept my life dynamic and constantly challenged my comfort zone. Of late when both these things are seemingly becoming quite stable, last month I went and got myself a dynamic hair cut. This was at my usual hair salon and the hair dresser knowing my usual hair cut, just would not cut them the way I wanted this time. My demand was an extremely short bob cut with even shorter flakes in the front. I had in the recent past started keeping slightly below shoulder length hair, and for her this was such a drastic move. I was insistent and she had to bow down. I loved my new hair style, although the shorter flakes in the front are still having to be pinned up. It is quite irritating to have hair come onto eyes (a move I am slightly regretting, but obviously they will grow back soon). Anyways, my hair did draw all the attention at home and work and brought some freshness to my life.

The 2014 assembly elections in India have been catching my attention. Some time my heart beats so strongly in anticipation of what India is going through. The election temper is quite high and the incessant Modi attacks are not doing anybody any favours. I have always been in the favour of knowing who the prime-ministerial candidates are before the elections, and I congratulate BJP for having the courage to declare one. There is a learning phase for everyone, and clearly Modi too has some to do (specially some history lessons would be good). Change is always a good thing, I hope India has the willingness to accept it.

The episodes of Asharam Bapu and his son and the media overhaul on the more recent Tejpal story only make one thing clear to me - beware those who still continue to think of women as objects. India is no more tolerant to any abuses to women, however small. It is a country where women were considered as powerful Goddesses and the Indian media is playing a strong part in bringing back that glory. However, as women we also need to be play our part and not misuse this new power we have been bestowed upon by the democracy of India. I just hope all this turmoil changes the society for the better.

I am waiting for the next change to happen - in my life, in Indian politics and in Indian society.

Sunday, November 03, 2013


Popping bubble wrap, laughing at nothing, good hair days, playing a good song over and over, red wine, a book you can't put down, watching another stunning sunset.

Fresh air, everything in balance, the weekend, chocolate, flirting, watching a trashy feel good film.

Catching up with an old friend, a long hot shower, slow dancing, swimming in the rain, days off, your favourite jeans, lying on grass with the sun on your face.

Fridays, pay day, driving with the wind in your hair, walking on the beach, finding money, free stuff.

Meeting new people, the smell of rain, setting the clocks back an hour, the crunch of snow underfoot.

Walking barefoot on warm sandy beaches, climbing oak trees.

Getting lost, dunking biscuits in tea.

Your last clean t-shirt.

Just now I noticed the above text printed on my t-shirt that I have been wearing since ages. The text is printed such as to create a spiral depicting the circle of life. Really amazed to realise that before today I never paid any attention to read what was written on it. In life we keep ignoring the little things which can give us immense happiness and joy - like this small discovery that I just made. We complain about life without putting in efforts to feel the small pleasures that we are already surrounded with.

Look out for molecules of happiness, and in such pursuit you will find abundance of joy and serenity!!