Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Decision making in life

Why is life sometimes confusing? Why is life like a puzzle sometimes which you can't solve? Why is there no mobile app which you can just open and it will have solutions to daily dilemmas?

The problem is when you are ahead of the curve you want to ensure that you have accounted for all the permutations and combinations of possible situations that may arise in future. This means that you think a lot, you work out a lot of maths, you prolong your decision making. 

I am the kind of person who does not believe in regretting. I think one should think through their decisions in depth so that whatever they decide is the best for them given the circumstances. And if that's the case, there won't be any regrets in the hindsight as you know that you had no other better choice given those circumstances.

Also I am not the person who give themselves endless amount of time to arrive at a decision. I start becoming restless after a point. I am quite an opinionated and determined person from that perspective and therefore I don't like it when I struggle to take a decision. 

Also I have realised that as we grow older, taking decisions become more difficult. Not because your decision making abilities have reduced or anything, but because your life has become more intertwined with others and therefore any decision taken has more impact than earlier. The number of constraints to account for have increased and therefore it has become a complex optimisation problem, a solution for which is hard to deduce.

As I said earlier, if only there was an app which would take the question, ask you to feed into it all the constraints and considerations to make and then on pressing Solve button gives you the optimal solution and a series of sub-optimal solutions to choose from. This can be a useful second opinion from a third party who is not directly associated or emotionally attached to the decision being undertaken. Think about it!


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An honest expression of thoughts, but I think unless the decision is life-changing it often doesn't matter a lot which option you go with. You make a decision and make it work the best in the given circumstances. Given that you are able to consider options is in itself a blessing which many dont have and they still get through life alright. The key is not to think about what could have happened had you decided otherwise, because that will not happen anymore so why bother yourself with those thoughts. Consider every situation like an indifference curve, so long as your utility doesn't reduce don't worry too much where you are on that curve. And by the way we all have such apps in life - they are known as friends and family ;)

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